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Welcome to Caltech Accessibility Services for Students (CASS). Caltech is committed to maintaining a diverse academic community, and welcoming individuals with a broad spectrum of talents and experiences to its campus and programs. Students with disabilities, actively participating in all aspects of the Caltech experience, are an essential part of that diversity.

CASS will make every reasonable effort to provide academic adjustments and other reasonable accommodations to otherwise qualified students with known disabilities, consistent with Caltech’s obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Our goal is to ensure that our students receive equal access to all Institute programs and services. To that end, we seek to balance the student's right to access with our obligation to protect the integrity of Institute programs and services.

Please note: we serve all of Caltech’s students, both undergraduate and graduate students.

New students (undergrads and grads) who need housing accommodations for 2018-2019 should register with CASS and submit the necessary documentation by July 15, 2018. New students who are requesting academic or other non-housing related accommodations, or returning students who are requesting new accommodations, should register and/or submit documentation by at least September 1, 2018, for full consideration. For documentation submitted at any other time, CASS cannot assure that the review will be completed within a specific timeframe. Last-minute submission of documentation may result in unfortunate delays in consideration of requested services.

We hope you will contact us if you have any questions.


Undergraduate Students:

Graduate students:

How to register with CASS:

1. Complete the CASS Registration Form

2. Complete and sign the Medical Consent Form, and give it to your licensed medical provider

3. Submit the relevant documentation, completed by licensed medical provider

4. Request a meeting with CASS to discuss reasonable accommodation. 

Email or  626.395.6352 (undergraduates)/626.395.6346 (graduate students)

Forms and/or Instructions for:

Medical Disability Documentation Form

Emotional Support Animal Request  - Agreement

Learning Disabilities 

Psychological Disabilities 

Temporary Disabilities

Allergy Form

Dietary Restrictions Form

Additional Resources: